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With the large congregation of Irish down here in the South of Spain, a Gaelic team, 2 trad bands, there was always talk of opening a bar, somewhere we could call our own. And as Irish, we would welcome everybody from far and wide to join us for the craic.

Ste was the latest Irishman to join the pack and talked about it for a year. And, for that year, it did just look like another new immigrant with the same idea and the same outcome. Until, Noleen and Paddy came to Ste and said, 'Let's do this!'. Now they had Noleen, a real go getter and the furthest thing from a procrastinator you could find. They had Paddy, with many years experience working and managing bars and Ste, a musician and event manager, the team was complete. But like the 3 musketeers, they needed Dartanian, and he arrived - his name was Mark. Mark brought with him bar experience and many new ideas that made the team what it is today. All very friendly and approachable, don't be shy, say Hi.



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